Angol társalgási csoport indul!

Do you want to practice your English?
Join our group of English conversation to improve your English and to practice it with other adults who share your interest! Here you can find relevant information about it:

Where ?
The English conversation group could take place online or offline depending on the number of participants.

When ?
Once that the exact date is written, it has to be starting from 14th of March. The group will meet once a week. The day and hour will be chosen among all the participants of the group.

How to register ?
Registration deadline: 13th of March 2022.
In order to attend this group, you have to complete the forum attached in this publication, and if you have any doubts, write to the email given in the contact.
Vicky Saavedra
E-mail: victoriasaavedra.atabrasov@gmail.com
For more information about the Brassói Családközpont, please visit our website or call us.
☎️0740 050 510



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