What is a voided check: When and how to void a check

voided check means

A void check is simply a check with the word “VOID” across the front. Writing “VOID” on a check means that the check can’t be deposited or cashed. When you void something it means you’ve made it empty, of no effect, or null. So, if a written check is full of the monetary amount you write on it, voiding the check makes that check financially empty. After you void the check, record the voided check number in your checkbook.

  • These scenarios would call for you to void the check and rewrite another one using the correct information.
  • Employers often use voided checks to set up direct deposits for their payroll, and service providers may need them to set up direct debits.
  • To send the check to the recipient you can send it by mail, hand it in person or take a photo and send it by email.
  • While providing the banking information to someone one should keep in mind that the check should not be used as a blank check by someone.

You might need to know how to send a voided check to start a direct deposit with your employer or set up autopay for a bill. We live in a very digital world when it comes to finances, but that doesn’t mean we may never run into things like checks again. Checks are still a great secure payment option that you might still need to use from time to time, even to make some electronic payments possible. To enroll, your employer will give you a form that includes information for you to enter your banking information and preferred account(s) that funds should be deposited to.

Counter check

All you need to do if you want to establish a direct deposit is take an existing check and write the word ‘VOID’ across the front of it in large capital letters. The information in this document was developed with reasonable care and attention. However, it is possible that some of the information is incomplete, incorrect, or inapplicable to particular circumstances or conditions. Set up direct deposit for your Huntington Checking account, and you could start receiving your pay early. When we receive your direct deposit information from your employer, we make your pay available to you, up to two days earlyΩΩ. If you have access to a check printer, you can print the check and use it for whatever financial actions.

voided check means

Voiding a check makes it invalid and impossible to use as a blank check. This means that if your void check falls into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to abuse it. Consumers often provide their own routing and account numbers online without any problem, so voided checks are required less frequently.

You need to set up automatic payments

You write in the bank’s name and routing number and your account number by hand. If you’re like most people, you hardly ever use paper checks anymore. It’s much easier to make purchases with a debit card or payment app, use online banking voided check means to pay bills, and receive your paycheck by direct deposit. A voided check is one of the important concepts in the bank account structure. A person can void the check by simply writing the word ‘void’ across the front page of the check.

You’ll have to sign an agreement that authorizes automatic payments. Don’t cover up the bank account or bank routing numbers at the bottom of the check. That information is necessary if you’re using the voided check to set up automatic payments, direct deposit or other financial transactions.

Set Up Automatic Payments

This is why employers ask for a voided check to set up direct deposit, not a blank one. Becoming financially independent involves knowing how to deal with your finances and checks. Certain financial transactions will require you to use a void check and you should be aware of what that entails.

  • If you happen to need a blank voided check solely for information purposes but don’t have one at your disposal, don’t panic.
  • If you’re the one making the payments, you may need a voided check from the other party to connect the accounts.
  • No, it isn’t necessary to sign or put any information on a voided check.
  • Try to keep a record of all your checks and write down what you did with every single one.
  • Make sure you use a black or blue pen with permanent ink, and if you have a duplicate check, do the same for that copy.
  • By voiding the check, it can be prevented to use as a blank check.

Setting up the arrangement may require you to provide a copy of a voided check so the client can establish the electronic link for payment purposes. Even though fewer consumers make payments by check, voided checks remain important. That’s why it’s good to know how they work, even if you don’t frequently pay by check, so you remain protected when you use them. Despite the decrease in popularity for personal checks, many entities still use voided checks for many reasons.

Voided Check FAQ

You may be asked to send a voided check if you want to set up an electronic payment method for certain bills. That will eliminate the need for you either to issue a paper check in payment, or to go online and arrange the electronic payment manually. Once you write VOID on one of your checks, it automatically means that it becomes invalid. This check cannot be treated as a blank check and used to make any payments, but it can still provide relevant information about your bank account. You can always contact us and we’ll help you with whatever you need, as soon as possible. Some employers don’t require a voided check to set up direct deposit.

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Use either with a dark pen or fine marker so it will show clearly on the one hand, but still leave the important information intact on the check. A woman sits at her dining room table with laptop and financial reports doing her monthly budget. [+] She is smiling at the ease of use as she works on her smart phone banking app to do monthly finances, pay taxes and save money for the future. The notation of “void” is used because checks are prenumbered for control purposes and every check needs to be accounted for. The Experian Smart Money™ Debit Card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB), pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. Alternatively, you can write “void” in each field of the check separately.

By using auto-pay you won’t have to worry about forgetting any bill payment and accruing late fees and hits to your credit score. The days of receiving paper payroll checks and taking them to the bank to have them cashed are long gone. In most instances, your employer will prefer that you enroll in direct deposit so they can send your earnings directly to your bank account on payday.